So much more than a festival

Whats in a Name? When you hear the name “Woodstock” your mind may conjure images of the world famous 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. What many don’t know is that there have been several Woodstock Festivals, and none, including the 1969 Festival, took place Woodstock, NY. In fact, the first “Woodstock” Festivals highlighting art and music […]

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RSD 6-18 Stock

*Spoiler Alert: Some things arrive Monday! Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay but RSD is a labor of love and unfortunately it looks like we aren’t receiving some titles until Monday. Bummer! That being said still great titles going out tomorrow at 11am! I have put the date we will have the items below. RSD […]

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Store Hours

We are open everyday 11am-6pm. We have new and used vinyl, used instruments, music accessories, gear, and handmade vinyl art. You never know what you will find! Need a repair, set-up, rental, or something from the shop? Email us at Thanks for your support!

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Vinyl Records

We love vinyl! The music shop has over 10,000 lps in our 500 square foot store. The building used to be a bank and we have an actual Vinyl Vault filled with thousands of records. We participate in Record Store Day every year! Check out our ever growing inventory on our Discogs page.

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Welcome to Woodstock

…the most famous small town on the planet. Beyond the name synonymous with the famed festival that didn’t take place here and an elusive concept of personal freedom and expression Woodstock simply is an interesting, surprising place to visit and live in. Our website gives you healthy doses of insight into the town, its people, […]

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