Discover the Unique World of Vinyl Art at Woodstock Music Shop

Find the perfect musical artwork for your space, or a unique and special gift for someone.

Vinyl art flowers displayed on a shelf with vinyl records, plants, and an acoustic guitar.
Check out all of our cool upcyled, handmade vinyl art

At Woodstock Music Shop, we believe that music isn’t just to be heard; it’s to be seen and felt. That’s why we’ve embraced the artistry of vinyl in a unique way, offering a collection of vinyl art that transcends traditional music mediums. Our vinyl art pieces, available both in-store and on our Etsy shop, are more than just decorations; they’re a celebration of music’s visual and tactile dimensions. With Black Friday 2023 and the holidays coming up, vinyl art makes for a thoughful, endearning, and singular gift!

A collage of vinyl art pieces in the shapes of butterflies and flowers shown with a guitar
Check out all of our cool upcyled, handmade vinyl art

What is Vinyl Art?

Vinyl art refers to creative pieces made from vinyl records. These include intricately cut records that showcase stunning designs that touch an imporant chord in every music lover’s heart. Each piece is a testament to the enduring legacy of vinyl and its impact on music and culture. As a bonus, all of the vinyl that is made into these peices are recovered and upcycled. Sustainability is important, and instead of sending damaged vinyl to the landfill we give it new life as vinyl art!

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Vinyl Art

Our vinyl art is crafted with passion and precision. We take great care in selecting records that are no longer playable, giving them a new lease on life as art. Our artists meticulously cut, paint, and mold these records into beautiful designs. From iconic band logos to abstract patterns, each piece tells a story.

Vinyl art is more than just a unique addition to your decor; it’s a thoughtful gift for any music enthusiast. It’s a way to celebrate someone’s favorite artist or album in a form that’s both artistic and nostalgic.

Vinyl art butterflies being made from damaged vinyl records
Look at the beautiful transformation from record to butterfly!

Explore Our Collection!

We invite you to explore our vinyl art collection on our website and Etsy shop. Each piece is a unique expression of music’s timeless appeal, perfect for adding a musical touch to your home or office.

At Woodstock Music Shop, we’re proud to offer these unique art pieces that resonate with music lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Visit us to find that perfect piece that speaks to your love of music, or reach out to us for custom designs. Let’s celebrate the art of music together! Follow us on Instagram and Pintrest and check our website for updates and more information on these as well as other musical gifts, important specials, and exclusives content for holidays season!

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