Upcoming Events in Woodstock NY

Looking for things to do? Check out all the fun Upcoming events IN and around Woodstock NY.

The Helm Family Midnight Ramble

The Helm Family Midnight Ramble series at The Barn at Levon Helm Studios featuring the Chakour Family Garden, Saturday 02/4/23

More information can be found on the Levon Helm Studios website.

Levon Helm Studios historic Barn located in Woodstock featuring his daughter Amy Helm who honors her father by “keeping it going” and fostering a place for musicians and community.

Ida 20th Anniv. Reunion at Levon Helm Studios

Ida reunites for two shows in 2023.

90’s Indie favorite, Ida is reuniting for one of two USA concerts the first of which is at Levon Helm Studios Sunday, Feb 5th. The special Ida concerts feature original members including, local due Daniel Littleton and Liz Mitchell, original drummer Miggy Littleton (White Magic, Blood On The Wall), original bassist and vocalist Karla Schickele (K, Beekeeper, Low), longtime violinist, vocalist and collaborator Jean Cook (The Mekons, The Beauty Pill), and multi- instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Storey Littleton (Mitchell and Littleton’s daughter). Storey Littleton will perform an opening set.

More information can be found on the Levon Helm Studios website.

Rock Academy’s Best of Season

Rock Academy Best of Season at the Woodstock Playhouse

The Rock Academy returns to the Woodstock Playhouse this Saturday 2/4/23 to perform the best of the season’s songs from Nu Metal, Neil Young, Elton John, Arena Rock and Queens of Soul.

The Rock Academy is a year long music school that performs themed shows each quarter.

For more information see the Rock Academy website.

Candy Land Special Screening at Tinker St. Cinema

The Tinker Street Cinema is showing a special screening of Candy Land with writer/director John Swab, Producer Jeremy Rosen, & Film Stars Sam Quartin (Bobby Lees) and Eden Brolin at 7pm Saturday, February 4th.

More info can be found at the Tinker Street Cinema website.

Special Screening of Candy Land at Tinker Cinema

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