RSD Details

Record Store Day Ambassador – Taylor Swift “The Lakes” 7″

4/21/22 Update! Hello friends, Records are arriving today and tomorrow. We are receiving 2 of each Taylor Swift, “The Lakes” 7” so 4 lucky people have a chance of getting their hands on a copy. Since there might be a lot of new faces to RSD, as well as some friends returning this year I want to give some details about the day because it is all about fun but can be tricky.

We changed the layout of the store during Covid, so we now have a RSD system where the line walks up to the bin and makes there selection. It is first come first serve and I anticipate an early line based on calls and engagement.

We open at 11am on Record Store Day, anyone is welcome to line up beforehand – please be respectful of the restaurant tables. Generally, the line snakes around the building. Please note, the bathrooms are not open yet for the season.

When the doors open, the line moves to the RSD bins then snakes around to the register where you can check out. Feel free to browse our vinyl sale (or come back after you get some coffee and yummy breakfast in town) and don’t miss the vinyl vault!

We are a pledge store and follow the Record Store Day rules. It is a fun day of celebrating independent record stores, meeting some cool people, and the hunt for some new music. We hope everyone finds something they want on their list and has an awesome Saturday in Woodstock! Thank you for coming!!

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